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E-Swat - Cyber Police (set 3, World, FD1094 317-0130)

0.88 [Charles MacDonald]

0.36b3 [Andrew Prime]

0.34b4 [Phil Stroffolino]


- 0.89u3: Thierry added clone E-Swat - Cyber Police (Japan, FD1094 317-0128).

- 0.88u3: Added new 317-0130 and 317-0129 key.

- 0.88u2: Added new cpu2 and gfx1/2 roms to E-Swat (World)/(US).

- 30th October 2004: MASH - Fixed E-Swat (World and US) gfx and sound. Games now playable.

- 0.88u1: Charles MacDonald and Nicola Salmoria improve the FD1094 emulation. More sets now run (eswatu, fpoint, goldnaxc and cltchitr).

- 0.88: Charles MacDonald added E-Swat - Cyber Police (World).

- 9th October 2004: Charles MacDonald - Here's E-Swat (System 16B, 317-0130) decrypted and running. Thanks to Dave Widel for donating the FD1094, and zozo for dumping the program ROMs. For those of you that are wondering, many Sega games had several revisions, each encrypted differently. There are two varieties of E-Swat, a whole bunch of Golden Axe's, etc. It's pretty much the same as the 317-0129 version I decrypted earlier, I would assume with some minor tweaks like bugfixes. Then again the CPU part numbers have no correlation to the release date of a particular game, so this could possibly be an older version.

- 30th September 2004: Charles MacDonald - Here's E-Swat (System 16B, 317-0129) decrypted and running. E-Swats protections use a multiplier chip on the ROM board frequently and does some odd stuff with the compare chip, putting in opcodes like NOP, RTE, and examining the result. The game uses five states and doesn't do anything terribly complex regarding state changes. I was concerned as this game uses compare instructions normally, showing that a specific encoding of the operand is what triggers a state change. Otherwise the instruction can be used normally. Some of the protection checks are patched out at the moment, I need to run some more tests on the compare chip registers to see what kind of results E-Swat is expecting.

- 19th September 2004: Charles MacDonald - I've been working on E-Swat and so far the techniques used for Tetris are giving good results. The game switches states normally, but also uses "CMPI.L #$imm32, d0" in a regular way to control program flow. I think only a specific encoding of the operand is what triggers a change, the games I've observed use it with an operand of #$00xxFFFF exclusively when the intent is to switch states. I guess it makes sense, so the functionality of the instruction isn't lost. Hopefully this won't manifest into anything too weird, I'd like to think the state issue is understood at this point.

- 18th March 2004: Charles MacDonald added correctly dumped ROM set for eswat to replaced the old one. Game is encrypted and unplayable.

- 0.36b3: Andrew Prime added E-Swat (Sega 1989). Protected - not working.

- 0.36b2: Added missing cpu2 rom

- 0.36b1: Added dipswitches '2 Credits to Start', 'Demo Sounds', 'Display Flip', 'Time', 'Difficulty' and 'Lives'.

- 0.34b4: Phil Stroffolino added E-Swat (bootleg) (1989) (not working).


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Romset: 3112 kb / 14 files / 1.00 zip