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Escape Kids (Asia, 4 Players)

0.100u3 [David Haywood]

0.62 [Ohsaki Masayuki]


- 0.100u3: David Haywood added Escape Kids (Asia, 4 Players). Renamed (esckids) to (esckidsj).

- 0.98u3: Mamesick changed visible area to 288x244.

- 0.98u1: David Haywood fixed Escape Kids memory maps and video hardware (vidhrdw/konamiic.c).

- 0.96: Changed KONAMI CPU1 clock speed to 6MHz and Z80, YM2151 and K053260 to 3579545 Hz.

- 0.84u5: Changed KONAMI CPU1 clock speed to 3MHz and Z80 CPU2, YM2151 and 053260 sound to 4MHz.

- 6th February 2004: Aaron Giles fixed the recently introduced errors in Hydra, Pit Fighter and Escape Kids.

- 24th August 2002: Masayuki Ohsaki submitted a complete driver for Escape Kids, and Nicola Salmoria merged it with the Vendetta driver.


- Persons: Syd Jones is the Player in 'Blue Clothes', Ken Kosugi is the Player in 'Red Clothes', Jya Aziz is the Player in 'Green Clothes' and Dio Vitale is the Player in 'Yellow Clothes'.

- Basic Rule: Complete 3 laps faster than the defending champion in 'Black Clothes' to advance to next race. Control the player: Joystick for direction, Button A for RUN FASTER and Button B for SUPER JUMP. In the Bonus stage use Joystick for direction and Button A or B for JUMP.

- The Game is over, if the champion completes 3 laps quicker than you.

- If you come first 3 times, you can play the Bonus Stage. This stage is winners only.

- The Power Up items a player buys before the game. Power Ups: Super Jump (press Button B), Skid (avoid skids on curves), Quick Get Up (player can get up quickly) and Strong (player becomes tough for bumping).

- Items a player picks up in the middle of game: Pill (cause an earthquake), 'P' (you can run quicker), Meat (extra Super Jump), Cent (player gets one dollar extra) and Bomb (player can't move for a while).

Romset: 5824 kb / 9 files / 983 zip