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Empire Strikes Back, The

0.34b8 [Brad Oliver]


- 0.113u3: Derrick Renaud fixed analog controls by adding back a faux VBLANK timing in Empire Strikes Back.

- 0.108u5: Mathis Rosenhauer rewrote the Atari vector generators, using the schematics and actual state machine PROMs. The state machine is now emulated so timing should be much more realistic. Clipping hardware in bzone and others is emulated instead of hardcoded. Improved accuracy of clocks and various other bits of cleanup. Changed M6809 CPU1/2 clock speeds to 1512000 Hz, VSync to 40Hz and added prom ($1000 - AVG PROM). Removed flags dispose from REGION_PROMS.

- 0.104u1: Mathis Rosenhauer fixed sound bug esb0104gre.

- 0.104: Mathis Rosenhauer fixed NVRAM handling in Star Wars/ESB (only affects test mode).

- 0.103u5: Mathis Rosenhauer fixed background music in Empire Strikes Back. Updated IRQ frequency and divider to match the schematics.

- 0.103u1: Mathis Rosenhauer rewrote the Star Wars mathbox multiplier from the schematics.

- 0.58: Changed palettesize from 256 to 32768 colors.

- 0.35: Renamed (empire) to (esb).

- 0.35RC2: Ernesto Corvi and Nicola Salmoria fixed the slapstic emulation in Empire Strikes Back.

- 23rd June 1999: Mathis Rosenhauer fixed the Empire Strikes Back mathbox chip, and the 3D vectors aren't anymore corrupt sometimes.

- 22nd June 1999: Marco Cassili fixed the dipswitches in Empire Strikes Back. Nicola Salmoria fixed Empire Strikes Back from hanging at the highscore screen.

- 21st June 1999: Nicola Salmoria finally fixed Empire Strikes Back's slapstic issues, and the game itself is playable!

- 0.34b8: Brad Oliver added 'The Empire Strikes Back' (not playable).


- It is a dark time for the rebels. The Empire has launched thousands of robots in search of the rebel hideout. The Empire fears the strength of the force within one rebel... Luke Skywalker.


- You begin with enough 'Force' to protect you for 4 collisions.

- 'Force' strength is lost when you collide with enemy shots, walkers and asteroids.

- Aim your lasers with cursor to explode Probots, Transmissions, Walker, Tie Fighters and shots.

- Avoid collision with asteroids by flying around them.

Movie: The Empire Strikes Back

Genre: Sci-fi StarWars

Year: USA 1979

Director: Irvin Kershner

Studio: 20th Century-Fox / Lucasfilm

Cast: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness, Billy Dee Williams, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniles, David Prowse

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Romset: 137 kb / 14 files / 74.5 zip