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Enduro Racer (YM2151, FD1089B 317-0013A)

0.36b3 [Andrew Prime]

0.36b2 [Andrew Prime]


* Fix speech sound


- When the DIP "demo sounds" is on and a coin is inserted during attract mode, the motor sound hangs and combines with the music until the game is started. endurobl336b14gre Frotz


- 0.109u2: Fixed rom names in clone Enduro Racer (YM2203, FD1089B 317-0013A).

- 0.107u4: Fixed rom names.

- 0.105u1: Added new cpu2 roms to Enduro Racer (YM2151).

- 0.98u3: Aaron Giles added clone Enduro Racer (YM2203, FD1089B 317-0013A).

- 0.93: Added clock parameter to Sega_PCM sound (15625 Hz).

- 0.90u4: Nicola Salmoria and Charles MacDonald improved the FD1089 decryption logic and added complete FD1089 317-0013A table for Enduro Racer.

- 0.90u3: Aaron Giles changes Hang-On, Space Harrier and Enduro Racer to have now accurate road and sprite scaling. Changed Z80 CPU3 clock speed to 4MHz and replaced YM2203 sound to YM2151. Added 8k zoom table prom. Changed visible area to 304x224, palettesize to 6144 colors and cpu2/3, gfx2 and sound1 roms addresses.

- 0.74u2: Changed YM2203 clock speed to 4MHz.

- 5th January 2001: smf fixed encrypted opcodes handling in the C 68k core and subsequently fixed Enduro Racer again.

- 0.36b3: Andrew Prime added Enduro Racer (Sega 1986) and clones (bootleg) and (bootleg set 2).

- 16th August 1999: Andrew Prime sent in a nice System 16 update with Enduro Racer support and Outrun graphics problems fixed.

- 0.36b2: Andrew Prime added Enduro Racer (Testdriver).


Category: Motorbike

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Romset: 1512 kb / 48 files / 627.8 zip