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Empire City: 1931 (bootleg?)

0.36b3 [Gerald Vanderick]

0.36b2 [Mark McDougall]


- 0.112u4: Aaron Giles removed MDRV_CPU_PERIODIC_INT in the Street Fight machine driver - no more slowdowns.

- 0.84: David Haywood added clones Empire City: 1931 (US) and Street Fight.

- 14th September 2001: Aaron Giles fixed Empire City 1931 / Street Fight which were broken due to the interrupt handling.

- 0.36b16: Added clone 'Empire City: 1931' (Japan).

- 0.36b3: Gerald Vanderick added Empire City: 1931 (Seibu Kaihatsu 1986). Changed palettesize to 257 and added 8 missing proms ($0 - $700).

- 12th August 1999: Nicola fixed colors in Empire City 1931 / Street Fight.

- 8th August 1999: Gerald Vanderick added Empire City 1931 to the Street Fight driver.

- 0.36b2: Mark McDougall added Street Fight (Germany) (Seibu 1986). TODO: Palette is incorporated. Handle transparency in text layer properly (how?). Second bank of sf02 is this used? (probably NOT).

- 3rd June 1999: Street Fight driver was sent to the list, but colors aren't any better yet. Marco fixed the dipswitches of it.

- 31st May 1999: Mark McDougall sent in some screenshots of Seibu's Street Fight, but the driver is not yet sent to the team.


Category: Shooting 2

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Romset: 650 kb / 29 files / 227 zip