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Eliminator (2 Players, set 1)

0.27 [Al Kossow, Brad Oliver]

Samples required


- elim2, elim2a: During gameplay there is a blue dot in the centre of the screen. This does NOT affect the clone elim4. elim2055gre Fever

Possible Bugs:

- Sega vector drawing was rewritten, but the current vector drawing too rough compared to the flyer on TAFA. Needs confirmation with PCB. elim2 _0112u2gre Luigi30 / Twisty


- 0.107u3: Fixed rom names.

- 0.104u6: Changed Z80 clock speed to 4MHz. Changed rom s-c.u39 (sine table) from user1 to proms ($0) and added proms ($400 - CPU board addressing).

- 0.99u7: Mathis Rosenhauer added clones Eliminator (2 Players, cocktail) and (4 Players, prototype).

- 0.72: Removed Custom sound.

- 20th May 2002: MASH re-submitted the Eliminator 4 players prototype version.

- 0.60: Added user1 rom ($0 - unknown).

- 24th April 2002: David Haywood added the Eliminator 4 players prototype version to the Sega vector hardware driver.

- 0.35b11: Jim Hernandez support for Eliminator 2/4 player samples.

- 0.35b6: Thierry Lescot added clone Eliminator (2 Players, set 2).

- 11th March 1999: Thierry Lescot has added an alternate set for Eliminator.

- 0.30: Brad Oliver added Eliminator (2 Player) and clone (4 Player). These are the original, security chip version of the Sega G-80 vector games. Note that the version previously supported have all been removed.

- 0.27: Added Eliminator (2 Player) (Gremlin 1981). Al Kossow and Brad Oliver provided a driver for the Sega vector games Eliminator, Space Fury, Star Trek, Tac-Scan and Zektor. Partial sound support (speech) is available through samples for some of them.


- Shoot enemy ships with your energy bolt

- Force opponents into eliminator base to destroy them

- Eliminator shoots deadly fireballs and destroys opponents on contact

Category: Starfighter 2

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Romset: 30 kb / 16 files / 21.7 zip