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Elephant Family (Italian, new)

0.99u8 [Roberto Fresca]


- Press and hold Service1 + 2 (Keys 0 & 9), then press reset (F3). Now the NVRAM has been initialized.


- 0.110u5: Roberto Fresca added clone Elephant Family (Italia, old). This one lacks of test mode and doesn't allow to switch between min-max bets through stop1. Added color PROMs to cuoreuno and elephfam sets but still no routed. Also added PLDs (protected, bad dumps). Fixed AY8910 frequency to 2MHz based on elephfam audio. Wired and decoded the color prom in cuoreuno and elephfam sets. Now colors are perfect.

- 28th October 2006: Roberto Fresca - In fact, graphics are 4bpp. I recreated the Elephant Family colors based on a new set of screenshots, thanks to kold666 and stekka that kindly sent me all snaps requested. Colors are now very close to the original games. Here a side-by-side comparison.

- 0.109u3: Added dipswitches 'Test Mode' and 7x 'Unknown' - Game now playable.

- 18th October 2006: Roberto Fresca - I have Cuore 1 and Elephant Family working. All inputs were hooked and managed to pass the initial check. Now both sets are completely playable. The "Payout" button isn't working due to hopper and ticket stats are always 0 (empty). Colors are still wrong due to lack of color PROMs. If you can contribute providing some pictures of these games running, please contact me here or through the forums.

- 0.102u5: Replaced M65SC02 with M65C02 (2MHz).

- 15th December 2005: Roberto Fresca - Corrected videoram & colorram offset in Cuore Uno and Elephant Family and set CPU freq. in both sets to 2 MHz, since the main CPU is a R65C02P2.

Romset: 194 kb / 7 files / 27.2 zip