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Cliffhanger - Edward Randy (World ver 3), The

0.64 [Bryan McPhail]

0.36b5 [Bryan McPhail]


- There is still some sound looping that is incorrect, sometimes when the train comes up over your head. The 'whoosh' sound keeps looping, over and over. There's also some issues with a staticy sound during the ending, and on stage 2 on the section where you drive "into" the screen, there's a noise that loops forever. Note in 0.103: This bug is used to be ym2203065ora. edrandy065gre Nomax / Nerox91 / ocp_001 / Kale / big_lenny_c / Smitdogg

DIP/Input Bugs:

- The first unknown dipswitch is 'Two coins to start?' off/on. This overrides other coinage settings. Please note, this only applies to the parent set edrandy, not the clones. edrandy0113gra Machone


- 0.109u1: Patrik Styrnell added clone The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy (World). Fixed rom names in all sets.

- 0.85u1: Removed 'Energy' dipswitch and added 'Player's Power'.

- 0.64: Added The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy (World revision 2) and clones (World revision 1) and (Japan).

- 26th January 2003: Bryan McPhail fixed a small bug in the Edward Randy raster effects.

- 24th January 2003: Bryan McPhail sent in a large DECO16 drivers update, adding Edward Randy and Mutant Fighter / Death Brade, added support for raster effects used in Edward Randy and Robocop 2 road levels and abstracted the Data East video chips emulation.

- 0.36b5: Bryan McPhail added Edward Randy (World) (Data East 1990) (Testdriver) and clone (Japan).


Category: Action

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Romset: 8513 kb / 27 files / 3.58 zip