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Eagle Shot Golf

0.74u2 [?]


- 0.100u3: Removed clone Eagle Shot Golf (alt).

- 0.97u5: Luca Elia fixed Eagle Shot Golf - Game now playable.

- 2nd July 2005: Luca Elia - I sent a fix for the V60 CPU that stopped Eagle Shot Golf from crashing later in game, and got Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting (1995) to boot.

- 0.97u3: Luca Elia fixed a number of problems with Eagle Shot Golf, removing several hacks from the SSV driver along the way. Changed visible area to 320x224.

- 24th June 2005: Luca Elia - Eagle Shot Golf has been in the ssv.c driver for quite some time now, hanging at the boot and just showing a black screen. After much investigation of its stack handling during the boot process, I was able to nail down the problem: the emulation of the TRAP and STTASK instructions of the V60 CPU. A change there got the game past the boot, but that was not the end of the story, as most of the sprites had wrong tiles or were misaligned. It turns out that this is the only game on this platform, through its sub board, that decodes the tiles from some banked ram. It reads the original data from the graphics roms and rearranges the tiles in ram (goes to explain the odd graphics layout in the roms, to begin with). The reason they did this was to simulate a pixel layer for the cpu to draw in, in order to render the course in "3D". The misaligned graphics were due to a feature no other game uses (sprites auto centering), that is turned on by a bit in the video registers. That led to the pleasant dicovery of some more sprite control bits, and with the new insight gained I was able to clean up the video emulation, by replacing many game specific hacks with a single general mechanism. There is still a lot of work to do though, both on the V60 (the game crashes after playing some holes, srmp7 doesn't boot) and on the video side of this driver (mainly misaligned layers in a handful of games).

- 0.74u2: Added Eagle Shot Golf and clone Eagle Shot Golf (alt).

- 15th May 2002: Guru - Thanks to R. Belmont for the donation of a non-working (and undumped) golf PCB running on SSV hardware (called 'Eagle Shot Golf').

Category: Golf

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Romset: 17408 kb / 10 files / 6.36 zip