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Dancing Stage (GN845 VER. EAA)

0.110u2 [smf]

CD-ROM required


- 0.112u4: smf added the correct hashes for 845jab02 and NO_DUMP's for all the flash roms to clone (GC845 VER. JAB).

- 0.112u3: smf added clone Dance Dance Revolution (GC845 VER. JAB).

- 0.110u2: smf added Dancing Stage (GN845 VER. EAA) (Konami 1999) and clones Dance Dance Revolution (GN845 VER. AAA), (GC845 VER. JBA) and (GN845 VER. UAA).

- 12th November 2006: smf - Gone Dancin'. Screenshots from Dancing Stage, Dance Dance Revolution + jp version and Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix.

- 10th October 2005: Guru - DDR 1st mix (black cd) 845JAB02, DDR 1st mix (purple cd) 845JBA02, DDR 1st mix (jade cd) 845AAA02, DDR Solo 2000 (black cd) 905JAA02, DDR Solo Bass Mix (black cd) 894JAA02, DDR 3rd mix (black cd) 887JAA02, DDR 3rd mix (violet cd) 887KAA02, DDR 3rd mix (violet cd) 887KBA02, DDR 3rd mix (pink cd) 887AAA02, DDR 3rd mix plus (black cd) A22JAA02, DDR 4th mix plus (black cd) A34JAA02, DDR 5th mix (black cd) A27JAA02, DDR 6th mix-Max (black cd) B19JAA02 and DDR 7th mix-Max2 (black cd) B20JAA02 arrived earlier this morning in a 'Top-Secret' local deal.

Romset: 1 kb / 2 files / 150 zip

CD-ROM: 339.1 MB (Compressed: 278.1)