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Driver's Edge

0.79u1 [Aaron Giles]

0.74u2 [?]


- 0.94u2: Aaron Giles fixed Driver's Edge colors (red/blue were swapped).

- 10th March 2005: Aaron Giles - I came across eBay for a Driver's Edge cabinet. Now, Driver's Edge is quite the rare game to find, and was also quite the bitch to get working because unlike the other 32-bit Strata games, it uses a pair of TMS320C31s to drive the polygon engine, and some extensions to the standard Incredible Technologies blitter chip as well. Anyway, this auction had the first actual Driver's Edge screenshots I'd seen. And guess what? It turns out I had red and blue swapped in the driver! Once I fixed that, I can match the screenshots pretty much exactly, which is a big relief because there was a lot of subtle stuff involved in making that driver work!

- 0.79u1: Added 3x TMS32031 CPUs.

- 7th February 2004: Aaron Giles - Submitted the finished Driver's Edge driver a couple of days ago. It's not 100% perfect, but I'm tired of trying to understand the hacks they put in so they could use the standard Incredible Technologies blitter chip and make it do some 3D. It appears they modified the firmware a bit so you can specify left and right slopes, and then tacked on some external hardware to implement a Z buffer. It's also interesting how they render the stripes on the road. Each chunk of road is assigned a 5-bit value in the Z buffer, and they render the stripes with a special flag that says "only draw this if the underlying pixel has the same 5-bit value that I assigned to the corresponding chunk of roadway". That was kind of hard to figure out. But the game is totally playable now, and I managed to speed it up to average about 30fps on my P4 3GHz, so it's slower than Cruisin' USA but not in the same league as, say, California Speed.

- 6th February 2004: Aaron Giles fixed up Driver's Edge in the itech32 driver, it's fully playable now.

- 3rd February 2004: Aaron Giles - Getting better.... Figured out the faux Gouraud shading on the polygons. There are still some Z buffering issues, which should hopefully reveal the mountains in the background that are getting rendered over, and fix some other annoyances. I managed to figure out the rest of the controls, so the game is actually quite playable if you can see past the graphics flaws. Z buffering kind of mostly figured out. Still some flags I'm not quite sure of, but there is a background now and not just plain old sky. Unlike the previous shots, this one was done during actual play, not during an attract mode sequence.

- 1st February 2004: Aaron Giles - Well, the polygons are rendering now, but I think there is some texturing that I just can't figure out. Also, the game (which is, in fact, Driver's Edge, as some have speculated) requires exquisite timing between the main CPU and the two TMS320C31 DSPs. Right now it runs for a few frames and then stops rendering for a few frames before picking up again, leading to a pretty jerky experience, all at the amazing speed of around 12fps on my P3 3GHz.

- 31st January 2004: Aaron Giles - After many years of occasional poking and prodding, I've finally managed to get some gameplay to show up in Driver's Edge!

Category: Racing 3D

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