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Mr. Do's Wild Ride

0.26 [Mirko Buffoni, Nicola Salmoria, Gary Walton]


- Keep LCTRL pressed and hit F3 to enter Test-Mode.


- "Mr Do's Wild Ride" side-by-side test (read report). dowild37b9ora Gary Walton


- 0.95u6: Added missing cpu3 rom ($0).

- 0.56: Added third Z80 CPU (function not clear).

- 0.33RC1: Changed description to 'Mr. Do's Wild Ride'.

- 0.30: Tatsuyuki Satoh and Nicola Salmoria cleaned up the SN76496 emulation, now it is similar to the 8910 one and all games use Tatsuyuki's code. This affects several games, most notably the Mr. Do! series.

- 0.27: Nicola Salmoria increased the maximum number of digital audio channels from 8 to 16, so there are no more missing voices in Mr Do! Wild Ride.

- 0.26: Support for Mr Do! Wild Ride (Universal 1984). Thanks to the invaluable help of Nicola, they are also arcade colors perfect, very fast (!) and each game has audio support and hiscore saving!

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Romset: 97 kb / 12 files / 42.6 zip