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0.03 [Nicola Salmoria, Gary Shepherdson, Brad Thomas, Edward Massey]


- Radarscope does a check on bit 6 of 7d00 which prevent it from working. It's a sound status flag, maybe signaling whan a tune is finished. For now, we comment it out.

- radarscp_grid_color_w() is wrong, it probably isn't supposed to change the grid color. There are reports of the grid being constantly blue in the real game, the flyer confirms this.


- Donkey Kong has two 256x4 palette PROMs and one 256x4 PROM which contains the color codes to use for characters on a per row/column basis (groups of of 4 characters in the same column - actually row, since the display is rotated).


- 0.104u4: Aaron Giles fixed missing save state data in the Donkey Kong driver.

- 0.104u3: Aaron Giles added save state support to the Donkey Kong driver.

- 0.89u6: Changed clock speed of all games with a S2650 CPU to 1536000 Hz.

- 0.84u5: Andrea Mazzoleni fixed incorrect graphics decode in the Donkey Kong driver.

- 24th December 1999: Nicola Salmoria added some missing grid graphics to Radarscope.

- 3rd October 1999: Mike Coates added Herbie at the Olympics to the Donkey Kong driver.

- 19th August 1999: Mike Coates fixed a bug in S2650 which made Hunchback miscalculate things, and sent in a driver for Hunchback running on Donkey Kong hardware.

- 0.28: Merged dkong3.c with dkong.c driver.

- 0.11: Added dkong3.c driver.

- 0.03: Added dkong.c driver.