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Diet Go Go (Euro v1.1 1992.09.26)

0.95u6 [Bryan McPhail, David Haywood]

0.84 [David Haywood]


- 0.104u4: Aaron Giles fixed Diet Go Go (it refuses to run in 0104u2).

- 0.96u1: Bryan McPhail fixed graphic banking in Diet Go Go.

- 0.96: Changed OKI6295 clock speed to 7627 Hz. Changed sound channels back to one.

- 0.95u6: Added Diet Go Go (Euro v1.1 1992.09.26). Bryan McPhail and David Haywood wrote a new driver for Diet Go Go (dietgo.c) - Game now playable. Added HuC6280 (8055000 Hz) CPU2, YM2151 (3580000 Hz) and OKI6295 (15514 Hz) sound. Changed visible area to 320x240 and added dipswitches 'Coin A/B', 'Flip Screen','Continue Coin', 'Lives', 'Difficulty' and 'Free Play'. Renamed (dietgo) to (dietgou) and (dietgoa) to (dietgoj).

- 23rd April 2005: Bryan McPhail - Finished off the emulation of Diet Go Go, adding sound and fixing the graphical problems. The game now seems to work fine as it doesn't seem to make much use of the protection.

- 0.95u5: Swapped cpu1 roms $0/1.

- 0.84: Added Diet Go Go and clones Diet Go Go (alt) and (Euro v1.1).

- 3rd November 2002: Guru - Diet GoGo (Data East 1993) arrived from Japan. Thanks to WTC.


Category: Platform 2

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Romset: 4161 kb / 10 files / 2.06 zip