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Devil Zone

0.35b3 [Mike Coates]


* Full sound/samples


- 28th July 2006: Guru - Devil Zone (Universal 1980) and other games just arrived in 2 huge boxes. I think most of these are just for fixing issues in MAME (snd/gfx etc). Big thanks to Tingoes.

- 0.68: Added clone Devil Zone (easier). Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 1802666 Hz, swaped gfx1 rom ($0) with gfx1 rom ($800) and added user2 and user3 rom.

- 28th November 2002: Zsolt Vasvari added the grid graphics emulation to Devil Zone.

- 0.36b15: Added prom ($0 - color map).

- 0.35b3: Mike Coates added Devil Zone (Universal 1980).

Category: Space Shooter 2

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Romset: 20 kb / 12 files / 12.1 zip