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0.37b6 [Nicola Salmoria]


- The logicpr2 OKIM6295 ROM has four banks, but the game seems to only use 0 and 1.

- Logicpro dipswitches might be wrong (using the logicpr2 ones)

- Flip screen is not supported but these games don't use it (no flip screen dip and no cocktail mode)

- If it's like System 16, the top bit of palette ram should be an additional bit for Green. But is it ever not 0?


- They call the hardware "deniam-16", but it's actually pretty much identical to Sega System 16.


- logicpro, logicpr2: Service mode bugs: logicpro: pressing f12 does not go into service mode. logicpr2: in sound self test pressing left or right does not change the number of the sound/music to be tested (it has been like this since first emulated in MAME). Also, if following a graphical test sometimes the backgrounds are retained when entering other tests (eg try colour test and follow with coin switch or sound tests). deniamc37b15gre2 Chook


- 0.37b6: Added deniam.c driver.

- 1st August 2000: Nicola Salmoria sent in a driver for Deniam games, supporting Logic Pro, Logic Pro 2 and Karian Cross.