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Demolition Derby

0.28 [Christopher Kirmse, Aaron Giles, Nicola Salmoria, Brad Oliver]


- Press F2 before initial screen to configure Track=Steer player 1 CTRL=Accelerate forward ALT=Accelerate backward


- 0.98u1: Added Z80 (2MHz) CPU2, changed M6809 CPU3 clock speed to 2MHz, changed cpu2 roms to cpu3 and added prom ($0 - from shollow). Added 2x AY8910 (2MHz) sound and changed to 3 channels.

- 0.56: Renamed (destderb) to (demoderb) and clone (destderm) to (demoderm).

- 0.53: Changed palettesize from 128 to 64 colors.

- 0.36b6: Aaron Giles added clone Demolition Derby (2-Player Mono Board Version).

- 0.35b13: Bret Wallace added sound in Demolition Derby. Replaced the Z80 CPU2 with a M6809 (2250000 Hz) and the 2x AY-8910 with 1xDAC sound. Added new cpu2 roms ($c000, $e000).

- 0.28: Added Demolition Derby (Bally Midway 1984). Players 2-4 aren't fully supported. Due to missing ROMs from the Turbo Cheap Squeak board, sound doesn't work.

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Romset: 209 kb / 16 files / 62.9 zip