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Demons & Dragons (prototype)

0.95 [Frank Palazzolo]


* Missing audio board


- 0.113: Derrick Renaud changed 'Demons and Dragons' to proper IPT_AD_STICK controls.

- 0.105u5: Aaron Giles fixed a memory_set_bankptr called NULL base in Demons and Dragons.

- 0.96u1: Fixed wrong mapped input (P1 uses P2 fire buttons).

- 0.95: Added Demons and Dragons (prototype).

- 19th March 2005: Frank Palazzolo - It's playable now. It's got robotron-style movement, with seperate controls for moving and firing. Moving actually uses an analog joystick, which can allow speed control, but I haven't actually hooked that up yet. The only thing that's really missing is sound. It writes sample numbers to a port, so there must have been an additional audio board. Hopefully we can dig up more info on this, if the board and/or ROM images still exist anymore.

- 18th March 2005: Frank Palazzolo - Well, as it turns out - the one piece of Professor Pacman hardware that I didn't emulate is used by D&D. The good news is - I got it working tonight! Now profpac passes all self-tests, and demndrgn runs into the game portion. I need to map the controllers and dips now, since I can't control the player yet. Right now there is no sound, but it sure seems like it was supposed to have speech! There is a part where a wizards head fills the screen, and his lips move. I wonder what's up with that?

- 17th March 2005: Frank Palazzolo - Demons and Dragons is a prototype game that is supposed to run on Professor Pacman hardware, or something very similar. I got it run a little bit...but it's not playable yet.


- Avoid the killer dragon.

- Stop the flying dragons from burning the castle.

- Throw magic missiles at other evil creatures.

- Stop the dreaded troll.

- Grab all 3 keys in 1 wave to free the princess.

- Beware of dark surprises.

Category: Knights

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Romset: 104 kb / 13 files / 49 zip