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0.64 [Bryan McPhail]


- stadhr96: Seems to require raster IRQ video update support

- ddream95: Seems to have a dual screen mode(??)


- Driver: Driver by Bryan McPhail, thanks go to Avedis and The Guru.

- Hardware: The Data East MLC system is basically an 8" x 6" x 2" plastic box with a JAMMA connector on it. The PCB's are very compact and have almost entirely surface mounted components on both sides of both boards. One board contains the RAM, sound hardware and I/O, the other board contains the CPU and ROMs. All main boards are identical between the MLC games and can be changed just by plugging in another game and pressing test to reset the EEPROM defaults.


- The MLC graphics hardware is quite complicated - the usual method of having 'object ram' that controls sprites is expanded into object ram that controls sprite blocks that may be stored in RAM or ROM. Each tile in a block may be specified explicitly via a display list in ROM or calculated as part of a block offset.

- Blocks can be scaled and subpositioned, and are usually 4-6bpp but two 4bpp blocks can be combined into 8bpp with a flag.


- 0.103u3: Improvements to the Deco MLC games [Bryan McPhail]. The only thing left for this driver is really raster support for the pitch in Stadium Hero.

- 14th January 2006: Bryan McPhail - Added sprite buffering, fixed tile banking, fixed clear colour, added sprite clipping (used to good effect for pseudo viewport effects in Skull Fang), ARM interrupt bug fix and preliminary raster support. The end result is that Skull Fang and Hoops are now properly playable. About the only thing left to do in this driver is full raster support for the playfield in Stadium Hero 96.

- 0.103u2: David Haywood fixed sound in Data East MLC games.

- 10th January 2006: Tomasz Slanina - Fixed another long-standing bug in DECO MLC driver (gfx flipping).

- 7th January 2006: David Haywood - I decided to fix the sound on the Data East MLC based games (Avengers Galactic Storm, Skull Fang etc). They all sound pretty good now.

- 0.103u1: Bryan McPhail and Pierpaolo Prazzoli fixed the DECO MLC driver. Video hardware near perfect for the most part, however no game works properly because of an unemulated math coprocessor attached to the DE156 chip.

- 0.98u4: David Haywood added a bunch of changes/fixes to the deco156 drivers. Hooked up EEPROM correctly, fixed sound ROM decoding and banking, tile banking and video priorities.

- 0.78u1: Bryan McPhail changed avengrgs.c to deco_mls.c driver (Data East MLC). Many aspects of the Video Rendering have been improved, Avengers in Galactic storm is playable with some characters now, however there seems to be a CPU core bug affecting various aspects of the game, most notably the flipping of Captain America. Help tracking down and fixing this would be welcome. Several Non-Working sets were also added.

- 26th January 2003: Bryan McPhail sent in a preliminary driver for Avengers in Galactic Storm, it is playable but has many graphics glitches and other problems.