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0.84 [David Haywood]


- Complete co-processor emulation for wcvol95.


- 31st July 2005: David Haywood - Final 156 update for tonight... General: Added Sprites, EEPROM settings don't work on any game and No Sound. Magical Drop / Magical Drop Plus / Chain Reaction: This is highly unstable and prone to crashing, I'm not too sure if its due to protection or CPU bugs, none of the other games behave this badly. Gameplay is also very sluggish. Osman / Cannon Dancer: Still doesn't boot without going into the debugger. Has problems with Sprite colours (16-bit ram on 32-bit bus maybe?) and tile banking. Also tilemaps don't seem large enough at the moment. Party Time: Seems quite playable, some tile bank problems. Charlie Ninja: Tilemaps aren't big enough, sprites are a bad dump, some scrolling problems on title screen.. (I'm sure it was ok before). Joe And Mac Returns: Playable, although I can set it to either a very fast speed, or a very sluggish speed depending on Vblank, I'm not sure which is correct... Completed a few levels and it didn't crash so it seems ok.

- 30th July 2005: David Haywood - 3 Weeks of staring at numbers solid until 4am, a bit of teamwork with key developers, and we have our first results... (Magical Drop (Deco 156) shows the message: WARNING - GAME MODE SETTING ERROR). Its not much, but maybe a sign of things to come. Update: I moved from Magical Drop to Joe and Mac Returns. Note that the tile roms on both sets are bad dumps, hence the corruption in the screenshots. Sprites haven't been added. Fixed the tile banking for the platforms. 2nd Update: Found a way to get Osman to boot via the debugger and it appears we can fix the Joe & Mac Returns tile rom by using bits from each of the bad dumps. None of these will be playable until the protection has been worked out however.

- 0.98u2: Some progress on the Deco 156 encryption [David Haywood].

- 0.90u2: ARM7 CPU core [Steve Ellenoff]