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Deal 'Em (MPU4 Conversion Kit, v7.0)

0.112u2 [James Wallace]


- Deal 'Em was a conversion kit designed to make early MPU4 machines into video games by replacing the top glass and reel assembly with this kit and a supplied monitor. The real Deal 'Em ran on Summit Coin hardware, and was made by someone else. A further different release was made in 2000, running on the Barcrest MPU4 Video, rather than this one.


- 0.112u3: Added pld ($0 - zenndlem.u10).

- 0.112u2: James Wallace added Deal 'Em (MPU4 Conversion Kit) (Zenitone 198?). Deal 'Em was designed as an enhanced gamecard, to fit into an existing MPU4 card. It's an unoffical addon, and does all its work through the existing 6809 CPU.

- 17th February 2007: James Wallace - Added Deal 'Em - still needs some work.

Romset: 97 kb / 4 files / 23.4 zip