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0.66 [Luca Elia, Nicola Salmoria]


- Verify whether clip_width/height is actually clip_x_end/y_end (this also applies to rectangles drawing, command 1c): the girl in hanakanz divided in 3 chunks (during the intro when bet is on) is ok with the latter setting; scene 2 of gal 1 check in hkagerou (press 1 in scene 1) is maybe clipped too much this way and hints at the former setting being correct. There is an #if to switch between the two modes in do_plot.

- ddenlovr: understand the extra commands for the blitter compressed data, used only by this game.

- ddenlovr: sometimes the colors of the girl in the presentation before the beginning of a stage are wrong, and they correct themselves when the board is drawn.

- The palette problems mentioned above happen in other games as well, e.g. quizchq attract mode.

- The registers right after the palette bank selectors (e00048-e0004f in ddenlovr) are not understood. They are related to the layer enable register and to the unknown blitter register 05. ddenlovr has a function at 001798 to initialize these four registers. It uses a table with 7 possible different layouts The table is copied to e00048-e0004f and is also used to create a 16-entry array used to feed blitter register 05. Every element of the array is the OR of the values in the table above corresponding to bits set in the layer enable register. Note that in the table above the top 4 bits are split among the four entries.

- The meaning of blitter commands 43 and 8c is not understood.

- quizchq: it locks up, some samples are played at the wrong pitch

- quiz365 protection



- The driver is a complete mess ATM.

- Hardware: Dynax/Nakanihon games using a graphics blitter.

- The zooming Dynax logo in ddenlovr would flicker because the palette is updated one frame after the bitmap. This is fixed using a framebuffer but I don't think it's correct.


- 0.103u2: Documentation cleanups in ddenlovr.c [Brian Troha].