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Lost Castle In Darkmist, The

0.96u3 [Tomasz Slanina, David Haywood]


- 0.112u4: Nicola Salmora, Lord Nightmare and Ernesto Corvi added T5182 support, which gives sound to Darkmist, Mustache Boy and Panic Road. Added Z80 (3579545 Hz) CPU2, YM2151 (3579545) sound and T5182 rom (cpu2).

- 0.107u4: Brian Troha fixed the dips for Darkmist. Added dipswitches 'Coin A/B', 'Bonus Life', 'Demo Sounds' and 'Unknown'.

- 0.105u3: Sonikos fixed some dipswitches and added controls for 2nd player in cocktail mode in Lost Castle In Darkmist. Added dipswitches 'Service Mode', 'Cabinet', 'Difficulty' and 'Lives'.

- 0.104u2: Tomasz Slanina and Nicola Salmoria fixed Darkmist - Game now playable. Added proms ($0 - $500 -> color lookup tables).

- 12th February 2006: Tomasz Slanina - Correct colors and sprite banking in Darkmist (nice game btw).

- 0.104u1: Tomasz Slanina improved the darkmist driver. Fixed cpu2/gfx2/gfx3/user rom loading and added 'TEST MODE', 'Free Play' and several 'x-x' dipswitches.

- 27th January 2006: Tomasz Slanina - Darkmist is almost playable now, with bad colors, gfx glitches, and without sound (custom cpu).

- 26th January 2006: Tomasz Slanina - A little progress in Darkmist emulation. Nicola decrypted graphics in Darkmist (0.103u4), but sprite/bg(?) gfx is still shuffled around. Background tile layer is messy (check the last screen with bgl enabled).

- 0.103u4: Nicola Salmoria decrypted graphics in The Lost Castle In Darkmist.

- 0.97u3: Tomasz Slanina decrypted tilemaps in Darkmist. Fixed gfx1/2/3/4/5 and user1/2 roms order and addresses.

- 0.96u3: Added The Lost Castle In Darkmist.

- 3rd November 2003: Guru - Dark Mist (Taito 1986) arrived with the donation of several people and MAMEWorld.

Category: Warriors 2

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Romset: 666 kb / 24 files / 329.1 zip