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Cycle Warriors

0.87u1 [Bryan McPhail]


* Implement road layer and BG layer(s)


- 24th November 2003: Bryan McPhail - TODO: Fix vram layer and sound. The Tatsumi hardware is easily one of the most complicated emulations I've worked on. In terms of reverse engineering there were very little 'clues' about how things fitted together so it was very hard to get the basic emulation even running. Roundup 5 consists of three cpu's - V30, 68000 and Z80 cpu all communicating via shared ram, plus a strange object processor which has all sorts of lookups for determining sprite blocks and colour palettes. Cycle Warriors is 2 * 68000, Z80 and the same object processor.

Category: Motorbike 2

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Romset: 3904 kb / 31 files / 1.31 zip