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Cyber Tank (v1.04)

0.96u3 [Angelo Salese]


- 0.113u3: Updates to the Cybertank driver [PS]: Inter CPU communications, inputs (almost complete), sound, program ROMs marked as bad dumps and unmapped reads. Added 'Test' dipswitch.

- 0.96u3: Angelo Salese added Cyber Tank (v1.04).

- 16th November 2003: Angelo Salese - Notice that I'm using fake gfx roms for Cyber Tank (Coreland 1988) because the ones used by this game are either encrypted or uses an abnormal gfx decode method on which I didn't figured it out yet. I don't think it will be finished soon either as this hardware looks hard as hell, it uses 2 M68000 as main cpus, 1 z80 as sound, 2 Y8950 and a *shitload* of roms, fifty to be exact! Current implemention has only one M68k and the z80 memory map hooked up, hence the big amount of test fails in the screen-shot. The current main problem is that I can't get a proper master-slave CPU communication (hence the various bad msg on the snapshot).

Romset: 4065 kb / 50 files / 838.5 zip