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0.112u2 [David Haywood]


- Everything (this is a skeleton driver)

- Add full AGA (68020 based systems, Amiga 1200 / CD32) support to Amiga driver

- Add CD Controller emulation for CD32.


- Cubo CD32 (Original hardware by Commodore, additional hardware and games by CD Express, Milan, Italy). This is basically a CD32 (Amiga 68020, AGA based games system) hacked up to run arcade games. See for a brief overview. Several of the games have Audio tracks, therefore the CRC / SHA1 information you get when reading your own CDs may not match those in the driver. There is currently no 100% accurate way to rip the audio data with full sub-track and offset information.

- CD32 Hardware Specs (from Wikipedia, Main Processor: Motorola 68EC020 at 14.3 MHz. System Memory: 2 MB Chip RAM. 1 MB ROM with Kickstart ROM 3.1 and integrated cdfs.filesystem. 1KB of FlashROM for game saves. Graphics/Chipset: AGA Chipset. Akiko chip, which handles CD-ROM and can do Chunky to Planar conversion. Proprietary (MKE) CD-ROM drive at 2x speed. Expansion socket for MPEG cartridge, as well as 3rd party devices such as the SX-1 and SX32 expansion packs. 4 8-bit audio channels (2 for left, 2 for right). Gamepad, Serial port, 2 Gameports, Interfaces for keyboard.


- 0.113u2: Changed VSync to 59.997000 Hz.