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Crystal of Kings, The

0.90 [ElSemi]


- 27th December 2004: ElSemi - I've uploaded an update to the crystal system emu. I've fixed the music speed in evolution soccer, also the emulator shouldn't fail if your videocard doesn't support Hardware T&L (it's not used, but the emu always tried to use a hardware T&L Device).

- 25th December 2004: ElSemi - Here is the first release of my Crystal System emulator. The emulator currently supports the 2 known games for this system: "Crystal of the Kings" and "Evolution Soccer". This is the first version of the emulator, so there might be still some emulation issues.

- 8th August 2004: Guru - I've run into a small problem with trojaning the Crystal System PCB. We have the trojan code ready and waiting to be run. I assumed the BIOS ROM on the Crystal System was an EEPROM, but it turned out to be just an EPROM. Since it's a PLCC32 chip, it's not easily swappable with another (blank) EPROM and the one on this PCB is not erasable because it has no clear window.

- 7th August 2004: ElSemi - Presents some nice WIP shots of attract and game start in Crystal Of Kings. Unfortunately, protection prevents in-game emulation working, but this is a great start!

- 28th July 2003: Guru - Received Crystal of Kings (Brezzasoft 2001, Crystal System) from Taucher.


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Romset: 49152 kb / 3 files / 36.97 zip