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0.63 [Nicola Salmoria, Aaron Giles]


- The main cpu is a 34010; it is encrypted in 9 Ball Shootout.

- The second CPU in AmeriDarts is a 32015, whose built-in ROM hasn't been read. A simulation of the I/O behavior is included, but since the second CPU controls sound, there is no sound.

- The second CPU in Cool Pool and 9 Ball Shootout is a 320C26; the code is the same in the two games.

- Cool Pool: The checksum test routine is wrong, e.g. when it says to be testing 4U/8U it is actually reading 4U/8U/3U/7U, when testing 3U/7U it actually reads 2U/6U/1U/5U. The placement cannot therefore be exactly determined by the check passing.


- 0.96u4: Aaron Giles added thrash protection emulation to the NVRAM in coolpool.c.