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Congo Bongo

0.10 [Ville Laitinen]

Samples required


- Use F2 to enter test mode, then 1 to advance from one test to the following.


- External samples for Congo Bongo are playing very strangely since the zaxxon.c driver rewrite. It broke somewhere between 0.107u2 and 0.108 but they were working perfect in 0.107u1. gorilla.wav - it should play one time at game power-on (initialize) and should play five times during gameplay (5 seconds after game startup, then always five times every time the gorilla walks off to the next stage) The rest of the samples... bass.wav rim.wav congah.wav and congal.wav are all being played but are all seriously muffled. You will clearly hear the difference between 0.113 and when they were working accurately in 0.107u1 by listening to the test modes I recorded between the two MAME versions. The recordings... startup gorilla.wav placement, attract modes, and bonus original pcb recordings are also included for reference. Thanks. congo0113gre Gyrovision


- 0.107u3: Fixed rom names and dipswitches.

- 0.107u2: Rewroted Zaxxon driver from the schematics. This is still a WIP (not finished yet) [Aaron Giles]: Fixed clock speeds and video timing. Complete memory maps. Simplified video code and merged common cases together. Palette derived from resistor weights. Background positioning still a little off. Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 4MHz, palettesize to 512 colors, VSync to 59.999409 and input to 8-way Joystick. Removed ROMREGION_DISPOSE from gfx4 and changed gfx4 rom address to $2000. Added dipswitches 'Lives', 'Demo Sounds', 'Cabinet', 'Coin A/B' and 'Bonus Life.

- 0.107u1: Aaron Giles fixed crashed in the video driver.

- 0.104u8: Chris Law and Aaron Giles fixed second SN76496 on Congo Bongo to have the correct frequency (1MHz).

- 0.104u6: Chris Law improved samples support for Congo Bongo. Replaced all samples with new ones.

- 0.76u1: Changed Z80 CPU1 clock speed to 3041250 Hz.

- 0.33b5: John Butler supported rotation in Congo Bongo.

- 0.30: Gary Walton added clone Tip Top (Sega 1983) (UK version).

- 0.29: Ville Laitinen and Tim Lindquist added sound in Congo Bongo (samples are needed to get full sound). Accurate colors in Congo Bongo.

- 0.28: Zaxxon and Congo Bongo can go in service mode (F2).

- 0.26a: Mirko Buffoni worked with the wrong source, now everything is back to normality in Congo Bongo.

- 0.22: Paul Berberich fixed some colors of Congo Bongo. They are not right but a lot better of the previous. Screenshots could be useful.

- 0.18: Congo Bongo now save their high scores for real. The code had disappeared from the drivers.

- 0.15: Miscellaneous graphics fixes and hiscore save in Congo Bongo. Also better colors, thanks to Marc Lafontaine.

- 0.12: Ville Laitinen fixed sprite priorities in Congo Bongo.

- 0.11: Fixed joystick controls for Congo Bongo.

- 0.10: Ville Laitinen added Congo Bongo (Sega 1983). The colors are terrible, but it's playable.


Category: Platform

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Romset: 133 kb / 18 files / 54.4 zip