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0.62 [Aaron Giles]


- Map out unused RAM per-game via MRA8_NOP/MWA8_NOP

- There is believed to be a 68020 version of Maximum Force (not confirmed or dumped)


- The hardware is a variant of the Jaguar home console. The interesting thing about the CoJag system is that the designer had the option of using either a 68010 or a MIPS R3000 as the primary CPU. The CoJag also had an IDE interface so you could hook up a hard disk, which is what Area 51 uses. As far as I know, nobody has yet attempted to emulate the CoJag hardware.


- area51, maxforce: area51 crashes when you reset it; it shows all registers as 0x00000000 and says at the bottom THREE TAPS AND YOU'RE OUT. maxforce gives a watchdog error when you reset it. cojagc062red luigi30 / Oxygen / Smitdogg


- 0.77u1: Roman Scherzer updated a couple of drivers with new Hard Drive SHA1s (cojag.c, djmain.c and seattle.c).

- 0.72u1: Nathan Woods added support for the SRCSHADE and DSTA2 command bits to the Jaguar blitter. Added some miscellaneous logging code. Changed around one of the #include paths (due to ProjectBuilder on Mac issues). Added support for objects with pitch != 1 for objects with 1-2 bits per pixels.

- 10th July 2003: Nathan Woods added save state support to the Cojag driver.

- 23rd June 2003: Nathan Woods fixed a potential crash in the Jaguar hardware emulation.