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Clutch Hitter (US, FD1094 317-0176)

0.74u2 [Andrew Prime]

0.36b2 [Andrew Prime]


- 0.89u2: Added dipswitches '2 Credits to Start', 'Demo Sounds"', 'Game time P1', 'Game time P2' and 'Difficulty'.

- 0.88u7: Aaron Giles makes Clutch Hitter fully playable. Changed gfx3/4 to gfx1/2 and fixed cpu2 roms addresses.

- 16th November 2004: Charles MacDonald - Dumped the 317-0175 cpu from Clutch Hitter (Japan).

- 0.88u3: Added new 317-0176.key

- 0.88u1: Charles MacDonald and Nicola Salmoria improve the FD1094 emulation and added clone Clutch Hitter (Japan, 317-0175). More sets now run (eswatu, fpoint, goldnaxc and cltchitr). Changed gfx1 roms to gfx3 and gfx2 to gfx4 and fixed cpu1/gfx3/4 roms addresses.

- 28th October 2004: David Haywood - I've added some crude banking support to D.D. Crew and Clutch Hitter, improves some (but not all) gfx.

- 30th September 2004: Charles MacDonald - Here's Clutch Hitter (System 18, 317-0176) decrypted and running. All the sprite garbage is from the protection chip for the same reasons described earlier. This was the biggest game dumped so far, it only used two states so getting it finished was pretty easy. With Clutch Hitter done, I have decrypted all the games in my collection at this point. Next up is the System 16A version of Tetris which should arrive in a few weeks. In the meantime I'll try to get the emulation fixed up and investigate the protection chip more.

- 18th March 2004: Charles MacDonald fixed Z80 clock (8.192 Mhz -> 8.00 MHz).

- 0.74u2: Added Clutch Hitter (Sega 1991).

- 0.36b2: Andrew Prime added Clutch Hitter (Testdriver).

Category: Baseball

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Romset: 7176 kb / 17 files / 2.19 zip