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Clowns (rev. 2)

0.33b3 [Al Kossow, Brad Oliver]

Samples required (Circus)


- Open Coin SW for RAM-ROM Test and close Coin SW for Springboard Alignment.


- When changing Midway Clowns dip switch coin credits from 1 coin - 1 credit to any other coin - credit setting, the game will then become a blank screen. It is possible to adjust back to 1 coin - 1 credit without having to leave the game. - clowns0104u3gra, gregf / Twisty That's the way the game code is. Based on the credit setting it runs a 'script', which in the case of 1C/1C prints some text, but not the other cases. It's not that the tables the code points to are invalid, but instead they don't contain the script instructions for printing text. I am not sure what the developers were trying to achieve, but it is certainly deliberate and not an emulation bug. Zsolt


- 0.111u4: Zsolt Vasvari and Derrick Renaud added second set of analog controls to Clowns.

- 0.107u4: Mr. Do! added built-in overlays for Clowns.

- 0.103u3: Bob Seidel improved dipswitches for Clowns (rev. 1 + 2). Added 'Bonus Game' dipswitch.

- 0.94u5: Derrick Renaud added discrete emulation for music, balloon popping and springboard hit in Clowns. Added also coin counter and proper watchdog and fixed dipswitches.

- 0.66: Added samples (pop, miss and bounce.wav).

- 1st March 2003: Keith Wilkins and Derrick Renaud submitted a large update to the discrete sound system, adding discrete sound to Canyon Bomber, Polaris, Sprint, Sprint 2, Ultra Tank and samples to Circus, Clowns and Sea Wolf.

- 21st January 2003: Derrick Renaud adding sample sounds (that are not yet recorded) to the Circus, Clowns and Seawolf.

- 0.60: Added clone Clowns (rev. 1).

- 0.33b3: Al Kossow and Brad Oliver added Clowns (Midway 1978).

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Romset: 6 kb / 6 files / 5.26 zip