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City Connection (set 1)

0.31 [Mirko Buffoni]


- When reaching 900.000 points the game "awards" you with infinite lives. This is a bug in the game's code. Bugfinder


- I have noticed that one of the frames of the car jumping/changing directions seems to be out of order. It happens very seldom, and only when doing a certain tricky maneuver (sp?) where you're simulatenously jumping and changing directions. The order of images in this sequence does seem odd, and there's one image (3 frames long) where the car first turns around, the image flips nose to tail but the pieces are not flipped to match. citycon37b13gre The Dog / TriggerFin


- 0.55: Replaced the first YM2203 with a AY-8910 (1250000 Hz).

- 27th August 2001: Tatsuyuki Satoh added support for using AY8910 and YM2203 at the same time, making it possible to add correct sound in City Connection.

- 0.53: Changed palettesize from 640 to 1664 colors.

- 0.36b9: Changed clock speed of the 2x YM2203 to 1250000 Hz.

- 0.35b13: Nicola Salmoria added clone Cruisin (Kitkorp 1985).

- 0.35b1: Thierry Lescot added clone City Connection (set 2).

- 0.33b4: Dynamic palette support for games with >256 colors, not complete yet but good for many cases. Drivers who want to use it must first of all set up like the static palette ones (put the real number of colors in MachineDriver-> total_colors, etc.), and call palette_recalc() in vh_screenrefresh() before drawing anything. A color uage table must be passed to palette_recalc() so that the function knows which colors are needed. Drivers which use the new system, and therefore no longer run in 16-bit video modes: Black Tiger, City Connection, Gun Dealer and Ninja Gai Den [Nicola Salmoria].

- 0.33b3: Dani Portillo added hiscore save in City Connection.

- 0.31: Mirko Buffoni added City Connection (Jaleco 1985). In cocktail mode, player 2 uses the same controls as player 1. Maybe the port is multiplexed.

LEVELS: 12 (endless)

Category: Cars

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Romset: 256 kb / 13 files / 109 zip