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0.109u2 [Curt Coder]


- Convert to use new video timing system when it is available

- Fix COP420 core to get sound in Draco


- Hardare: CDP1802 CPU + COP402 and AY8910 + CDP1869 sound

- Cidelsa games: Destroyer, Altair and Draco


- 0.114: Curt Coder added save state support to the Cidelsa games and fixed reset behavior.

- 0.112u3: Curt Coder fixed the small graphic issues in the Cidelsa driver. Draco still has imperfect colors.

- 0.112u2: Improved the cidelsa driver [Curt Coder]: Rewrote the CDP1802 CPU emulation as a state machine. Fixed Draco dips and inputs (what a strange game!). Added NVRAM to Destroyer/Draco (Altair has no battery on the PCB). Fixed some clocks.

- 0.112u1: Improvements to the Cidelsa driver [Curt Coder]: Fixed the disassembly of cdp1802 opcode LSKP. Changed the cdp1802 opcode OUT to increment R(X) after calling the write handler. Set cdp1869 display size and visible area according to data sheet. Added cdp1869 CFC emulation (probably never used by anything but just for completeness' sake). Cleaned up driver. Changed visible area to 308x336.

- 0.112: Improvements to the Cidelsa driver [Curt Coder, David Haywood]. Added dipswitches 'Difficulty', 'Bonus Life', 'Lives', 'Coinage' and 'Service Mode'.

- 0.111u4: Curt Coder added CDP1869 video emulation to the Cidelsa driver. The games still don't work due to timing and interrupt issues. Changed orientation to vertical and VSync to 50.089031 Hz.