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Janpai Puzzle Choukou (Japan 010820)

0.93u2 [?]


- 0.112u2: Guru added missing gfx1/sound1 roms and CPS2 key - Game now playable.

- 0.111u3: Andreas Naive and Nicola Salmoria replaced CPS2 CHD with preliminary decryption function.

- 0.110u4: Removed user1 rom in Choko.

- 0.110u3: David Haywood added raw decryption table to choko. Enabled the use of the large CHD-based tables by default.

- 0.104u4: Exchanged choko-opcodes.bin user1 rom with new XOR tkojx.bin rom.

- 0.104u3: Guru and Charles MacDonald fixed Choko - Game now playable. Added choko-opcodes.bin user1 rom.

- 10th October 2005: Guru - Choukou arrived from Japan. Purchased by the Dumping Project Team.

- 31st August 2005: Dumping Project - Our Japanese contact just shipped a box to Guru with a Capcom CPS-2 'Choukou'.

- 0.97u2: Marked all sound1 roms as 'NO GOOD DUMP KNOWN'.

- 0.97: Marked all gfx1 roms as 'NO GOOD DUMP KNOWN'.

- 0.96u3: Added all missing gfx1 and sound1 roms.

Romset: 21632 kb / 13 files / 4.3 zip