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0.02 [Nicola Salmoria, Lionel Theunissen]


- Verify timings of sound/music on Swimmer.


- Crazy Kong is very similar to Crazy Climber, there is an additional ROM at 5000-5fff and RAM is at 6000-6bff. Dip switches and input connections are different as well.

- Swimmer is similar but also different (e.g. it has two CPUs and two 8910, graphics are 3bpp instead of 2).

- River Patrol reads/writes to a000-a4f0. This is a bug in the code. The instruction at 0x0593 should say LD DE,$8000.


- 0.110u5: Mamesick cleaned up the Crazy Climber driver, replacing hacks for cannonb with a separate video update callback.

- 0.110u2: Galaxian/Scramble driver reorganization [Atari Ace]: machine/scramble.c is broken up into two files: machine/galaxian.c and machine/scramble.c, drivers/amidar.c, drivers/frogger.c, drivers/scobra.c get copies of some of the data structures they shared from other drivers. galaxian_base is made static and uses outside of the main driver were rewritten. cclimber_decode code from drivers/cclimber.c was separated into its own machine/cclimber.c file to allow mshuttle to share it without taking on other dependencies.

- 0.104u8: Aaron Giles fixed Crazy Climber driver (rpatrolb, silvland, cannonb, cannonb2: The emulation starts for each but the game immediately shows a static screen).

- 7th February 2001: Mike Coates added Steeplejack to the Crazy Climber driver.

- 0.28: Merged ckong.c with cclimber.c driver.

- 0.02: Added cclimber.c and ckong.c driver.