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Cosmic Chasm (set 1)

0.36b1 [Mathis Rosenhauer]


- 0.112u4: Aaron Giles removed custom sound code from Cosmic Chasm and replaced it with a simple DAC implementation. Replaced Custom sound with 2x DAC.

- 0.107u3: El Condor converted Cosmic Chasm to use the 6840 timer module.

- 0.106u12: MASH added plds ($0, 100 - pal12l6.u76 and pal12l6.u77) to Cosmic Chasm (set 1).

- 7th June 2002: Paul Priest fixed cchasm1 from crashing at startup.

- 0.58: Changed palettesize from 256 to 32768 colors.

- 0.36b1: Mathis Rosenhauer added Cosmic Chasm (set 1) (Cinematronics / GCE 1983) and clone (set 2).

- 18th July 1999: Mathis Rosenhauer did another fix to Cosmic Chasm sound.

- 16th July 1999: Mathis Rosenhauer sent in a Cosmic Chasm driver with much better Z80CTC sound.

- 15th July 1999: Mathis Rosenhauer sent in a working Cosmic Chasm driver.


- The Cosmic Chasm Space Station is occupied by a hostile enemy force. Your mission is to maneuver your ship through the station and destroy the cenatral power core.

- After destroying the core retrace your path to the point of entry and escape before the chain reaction destroys the station.

- If you are successful you will be promoted to more dangerous missions.

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Romset: 69 kb / 19 files / 34.2 zip