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Captain America and The Avengers (Asia Rev 1.4)

0.58 [Bryan McPhail]


- Reset with both start buttons held down for test mode.

Possible Bugs:

- In attract mode, the small pictures of the heroes appear before they should (or perhaps wrong priority here? I can't remember how the arcade version worked on this). captaven058gre_6 Karasu

- In the ending, it starts to show the main 4 avengers in the game, and then the minor avengers that make cameos. You hear the announcments of the names of the 4 main ones, but they are said way after the pics are already gone (I think one said "Hawkeye" as it pictures Namor!). The voices are out of sync (or same damn lazzzzzzzy programming). captaven058gre_8 Karasu


- 0.113u2: Chaneman added clone Captain America and The Avengers (US Rev 1.4).

- 0.111u2: Aaron Giles improved cycle timings in the ARM CPU core. Altered the DECO32 CPU clocks to be more realistic. Changed ARM CPU1 clock speed to 7MHz.

- 0.98u4: Bryan McPhail fixed several bugs in the ARM core which break Captain America but fix some other issues and Tomasz Slanina fixed unaligned 32-bit reads in the ARM core.

- 0.95u4: Brian Troha fixed dipswitches in Captain America and The Avengers. Added 'Lives' dipswitch.

- 0.67: Added clones Captain America and The Avengers (US Rev 1.6) and (Asia Rev 1.0). Changed ARM CPU1 clock speed to 9333333 Hz. Changed description from 'Captain America' to 'Captain America and The Avengers'

- 0.59: Added clone Captain America and The Avengers (Japan Rev 2). Renamed (captav19) to (captavnu) and (captavee) to (captavne).

- 14th March 2002: Chack'n added the Japan version of Captain America, a World version of Gradius 3 and fixed quite a few ROM file names.

- 0.58: Added Captain America and The Avengers (Asia Rev 4) and clones Captain America and The Avengers (US Rev 1.9) and (UK Rev 4).

- 3rd February 2002: Bryan McPhail submitted the Captain America driver and ARM CPU core written by him and Phil Stroffolino. Captain America is almost perfect and includes sound, but the other games in that driver don't work - Fighter's History uses a protection chip, Dragon Gun and Locked 'N Loaded use a different sprite RAM format which is not yet emulated, and Tattoo Assassins works with sound, but lacks the graphics ROMs.

- 30th January 2002: Guru - Received a Captain America PCB to do a redump of a few ROMs two weeks ago. Thanks to Pelle for loaning me the board and Bryan McPhail for the emulation preview shots.


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Romset: 11840 kb / 21 files / 7.10 zip