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Capcom Bowling (set 1)

0.31 [Michael Appolo]

0.29 [Zsolt Vasvari]


- F2 enter service mode (press it on the high score screen).


- 0.109u2: Aaron Giles fixed colors/palette update (vidhrdwcapbowl.c).

- 0.85: Aaron Giles fixed YM2203 sound balance in Capcom Bowling. Changed M6809 CPU1/2 to M6809E.

- 0.84u6: Aaron Giles added clone Capcom Bowling (set 4). Added new cpu1 rom ($18000) to Capcom Bowling (set 3).

- 0.80u2: Added clone Capcom Bowling (set 3). Aaron Giles cleaned up the Capcom Bowling driver and fixed crash on reset.

- 23rd March 2004: Aaron Giles fixed the crash on reset problem in Capcom Bowling and added Beer Frame Bowling which unfortunately doesn't work because of a missing ROM.

- 0.36b4: Changed VSync to 57Hz.

- 3rd March 1999: Juergen Buchmueller fixed Capcom Bowling to work again.

- 0.35b2: Nicola Salmoria added clone Capcom Bowling (set 2).

- 0.31: Michael Appolo added Capcom Bowling (Incredible Technologies 1988) - the real one. Renamed (capbowl) to (clbowl). The sound of the rolling ball is randomly wrong.

- 0.30: Nicola Salmoria added sound in Coors Light Bowling.

- 0.29: Zsolt Vasvari added Coors Light Bowling (Incredible Technologies 1989). The colors are accurate, however the color space is reduced from 4x4x4 to 3x3x2.

Category: Bowling

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Romset: 160 kb / 5 files / 94.0 zip