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California Speed (Version 2.1a, 4/17/98)

0.102u5 [Reznor007]

0.78 [Aaron Giles]

0.77 [Aaron Giles]

HardDisk required


- 0.102u5: Reznor007 added California Speed (Version 2.1a, 4/17/98).

- 0.82u2: Aaron Giles formalized support for the "widget" board used in vaportrx & calspeed, added more extensive documentation on the various boardsets, constants for the GT64010 and all interrupts and ethernet device interrupt support. Made the IDE controller visible on the PCI bus, hooked up CMOS protection bit, corrected sfrushrk audio CRCs and hooked up hard disk and marked sfrush and vaportrx as working.

- 0.78: Aaron Giles fixed remaining issues in California Speed, verified California Speed HDD dump (works in self test, not in boot ROM test) and changed year to 1998 - Game now playable.

- 0.77u3: Aaron Giles fixed several minor bugs that affected Biofreaks and California Speed and fixed input ports for California Speed and SF Rush. Changed visible area to 512x400 and added 'Boot ROM Test' dipswitch.

- 7th December 2003: Aaron Giles fixed several minor bugs in the Seattle driver that affected Biofreaks and California Speed (but they're still not fully working).

- 2nd December 2003: Aaron Giles - Well, I finally decided to figure out what the heck was up with California Speed. Turns out there were a few subtle problems in the PCI configuration code when setting up the 3dfx card. With that fixed, I was able to map the proper self-test button, and finally hook up all the controls. Then came some ugly sound synchronization issues. Like Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, this game won't boot unless the sound is working. After some fiddling, I was able to get it to work. Unlike San Francisco Rush, this one starts up and is playable, though there are some obvious color issues (well, not so obvious here, but it is in other screen shots). However, it doesn't last too long until we hit a snag. Much like San Francisco Rush, we get some math errors and the game freaks out. I really hope this doesn't mean I have to add full floating point exception support....

- 0.77u2: Added cpu2 sound rom (32k) and changed R5000 CPU1 clock speed to 150 MHz.

- 5th November 2003: Aaron Giles sent in the Atari Seattle driver, supporting CarnEvil, Blitz 99, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey, Mace: The Dark Age (all working fine) and San Francisco Rush (freezes when starting a game).

- 27th May 2003: Aaron Giles updated the IDE controller emulation to support a couple more commands and added DMA bus mastering support that will be necessary for the Seattle games.

Category: Racing 3D

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Romset: 544 kb / 3 files / 246.9 zip

Harddisk: 4112.2 MB (Heads: 15, Cylinders: 8912, Sectors: 63 - Compressed: 501.4)

Harddisk (calspeda): 2014.0 MB (Heads: 16, Cylinders: 4092, Sectors: 63 - Compressed: 487.6)