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Buriki One (rev.B)

0.80u1 [Guru]

Hyper NeoGeo 64


- Buriki One is very preliminary, loads and decodes the gfx, attempts to run some of the code. No Video or Sound emulation is done. For now the GFX can be viewed with F4.


- 0.101u3: Changed R4600 (big) CPU1 clock speed to 50MHz and added Z80 (12.5MHz) CPU3. Removed user2 dispose flags.

- 0.87u4: Fixed gfx4 roms addresses.

- 0.86u2: Changed R4600 CPU1 clock speed to 100MHz, visible area to 512x448 and palettesize to 4096 colors.

- 14th August 2002: Guru - Hyper NeoGeo64 mother board arrived.

- 24th June 2002: Guru - Got a Buriki One (SNK 1999) HyperNeoGeo64 cart from PCB-A-Holic.

Romset: 217088 kb / 45 files / 49.5 zip