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0.37b7 [Ernesto Corvi, Nicola Salmoria]


- I'm almost sure that I'm not handling the zoom x ROM table correctly. Gives reasonable results, though. I'm confident that the zoom y table handling is correct.

- Tilemap and sprite placement might not be accurate, there aren't many references.

- The way I'm handling opaqueness in the top portion of the screen is definitely wrong (see the high score entry screen). Actually there doesn't seem to be a way to make the fg opaque, but not doing so leaves parts of the bg visible at the top of the screen.

- The gradient sky is completely wrong - it's more of a placeholder to show that it's supposed to be there. It is supposed to skew along with the background, and the gradient can move around (the latter doesn't seem to be used except for making it cover the whole screen on the title screen, and start at the middle during gameplay)

- Video driver is largely unoptimized

- Support for the 7630's controlling the sound chip outputs (bass/treble, volume) is completely missing.

- The sound Z80 seems to write answers for the main Z80, but the latter doesn't seem to read them.


- There is also a 4-channel version of the sound board for the cockpit cabinet (ROMs not dumped)


- 0.37b7: Added buggychl.c driver.

- 5th September 2000: Ernesto Corvi and Nicola Salmoria wrote a driver for Buggy Challenge, though a lot of it is still preliminary.