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Burnin' Rubber

0.35 [Kevin Brisley]

0.30 [Kevin Brisley]


- In test mode, press 5 to advance through the various tests. Burnin' Rubber and Car Action: The service ROM is missing for this one so service mode doesn't work.


- While I'm at it, here's a recording from my Burnin' Rubber PCB. Notice the low pass filtering on the engine and explosion sounds - this filter is not emulated in MAME. Here's a picture of the amp circuit. I'll be happy to provide any details, just ask. brubber096u3ora Sune_S


- 0.112u1: Canim fixed visible area to 240x256 in Bump 'n' Jump according to the arcade picture.

- 0.106u3: Added plds ($0, 30 - pal10l8.10k, pal16r4a.2d) to clone Car Action.

- 0.105u3: Added missing proms ($0, $20 - palette, RAS/CAS logic) to clone Car Action.

- 25th December 1999: Zsolt Vasvari fixed clone Bump'n'Jump priority problems.

- 0.35: Burnin' Rubber is original now.

- 0.31: Ivan Mackintosh added clone Car Action (bootleg 1983).

- 0.30: Kevin Brisley added Bump 'n Jump (Data East 1982) and Burnin' Rubber. The continue timer runs too fast, this is related to the VBlank input bit timing.

LEVELS: 5 (endless)

Category: Racing 2

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Romset: 52 kb / 8 files / 22.5 zip