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Boot Hill

0.31 [Mike Balfour]

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- 0.112u3: Significant changes to the input system [Derrick Renaud]: IPT_PEDAL controls are now nothing special in the core. They can use any control like a paddle does. At the OS input level, the code has been changed to supply full joystick axis and the +/- axis. This means any half axis or full axis can be used for any emulated control. e.g., a pedal that only outputs Y- data can be used for the full range of the gun in Boot Hill. Or a full axis slider on a joystick can be used in its full range as an emulated pedal. INC now increases the pedal value, not DEC.

- 0.112u1: Derrick Renaud updated Boot Hill to use the new PORT_REMAP_TABLE.

- 0.111u4: Zsolt Vasvari and Derrick Renaud added partial sound emulation and properly emulated shifter circuit in Boot Hill.

- 0.104u3: Luigi30 fixed 'Time' dipsettings.

- 30th January 2002: Zsolt Vasvari made the artwork functions a bit faster, added the blue overlay for Phantom II and re-added the yellow overlay for Gunfight and the backdrop for Boot Hill.

- 17th September 2001: Adam Hourigan added artwork to Boot Hill.

- 0.31: Mike Balfour added Boot Hill (Midway 1977).

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Category: Western

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Romset: 8 kb / 4 files / 5.92 zip