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Boogie Wings (Euro v1.5, 92.12.07)

0.96 [Bryan McPhail]

0.84 [David Haywood]


- 0.101u1: Sonikos balanced the sound in Boogie Wings.

- 0.97u5: Brian Troha fixed dipswitches in Boogie Wings. Changed 'Unknown' dipswitches to 'Continue Coin' and 'Stage Reset'.

- 0.97u1: David Haywood and Namag added clone The Great Ragtime Show (Japan v1.5, 92.12.07).

- 0.96: Bryan McPhail fixed Boogie Wings - Game now playable. Added Boogie Wings (Euro v1.5, 92.12.07) and clone (Asia v1.5, 92.12.07).

- 0.95u6: This game was removed from MAME.

- 23rd April 2005: Bryan McPhail - Diet Gogo is practically finished, but Boogie Wings may take longer as it has alpha-blending and pseudo rotation effects which aren't understood/implemented yet. At a first glance the other game (Double Wing) has additional protection that may be similar to Rohga.

- 0.95u4: Swapped cpu1 roms $1/$80000.

- 22nd April: David Haywood - As you may have read Nicola decrypted the Data East 102 CPU games with the help of the Pocket Gal Deluxe bootleg. I took a brief look at Boogie Wings and as feared it appears to be protected. I see no unmapped reads and it gets no further than this screen. Also I needed to use the GFX roms from Pocket Gal Deluxe for this as the Alphanumeric tiles appear to be missing from the current Boogie Wings set. While the decryption is a huge step in the right direction there is much work still to be done with in order to support these games, keep in mind that several games using Data East's protection are still not emulated even without being encrypted. Update: Any game where you can pick up elephants is worth emulating so I hooked up some sprites in Boogie Wings... Still can't find the missing text tiles tho. 2nd Update: I found the missing GFX in 2 of the unknown roms which I thought were program code. There is still one unknown rom but at least I have a text layer now.

- 10th November 2001: Guru - Finally got around to dumping Boogie Wings.

- 12th September 2001: Guru - Received another PCB, a very rare Data East game called Boogie Wings. I'll dump it soon. Thanks to Pelle for the donation.


Category: Airforce

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Romset: 15041 kb / 19 files / 7.82 zip