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B.C. Kid / Bonk's Adventure / Kyukyoku!! PC Genjin

0.77 [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]


- 0.112u2: Guru and Sebastien Volpe improved Bonk's Adventure: Protection data fully verified, this corrects tilemap colors in levels 2 and 3. Fixed implementation of MCU command 43.

- 0.89u5: Sebastien Volpe corrected Bonk's Adventure priorities (according Luca's scheme), sound 'improvements' (both banking and rom loading), game name updated, interrupts scheduling change (not correct, but somewhat improved, see comment) and as a consequence, fake region dsw is removed. Changed description to 'B.C. Kid / Bonk's Adventure / Kyukyoku!! PC Genjin'. Swaped sound2 roms ($0, 200000).

- 0.88u2: Sebastien Volpe fixed Bonk's Adventure - Game now playable. Fixed gfx1/2/3 and sound 1/2 addresses. Added 'Ticket dispenser' and 'Region' dipswitch.

- 0.87: Sebastien Volpe fixed dipswitches in Bonk's Adventure. Added 'Free Play', 'Demo Sounds',' Title Level Display" and 'Reserved' dipswitches. Changed description to 'Bonk's Adventure'.

- 0.83: Added user1 EEPROM and 'Difficulty', 'Join During Game' and 'Allow Continue' dipswitches.

- 31st May 2004: Tomasz Slanina added the EEPROM to Bonk's Adventure, but the game still isn't playable because of protection.

- 7th May 2004: Tomasz Slanina - Bonk's Adventure is not playable (protection isn't emulated, dump is incomplete).

- 0.77u2: Added gfx3 rom ($0 - 2MB).

- 9th November 2003: Pierpaolo Prazzoli added Bonk's Adventure to the Kaneko16 driver, but it doesn't work because the MCU isn't emulated.

- 20th July 2003: Guru - Received Bonk's Adventure (Kaneko 1994). Big thanks to Leonid81, Bob Schultz, jmurjr, Smitdogg, f205v, Kevin Eshbach and many MAMEWorld contributors.


Category: Platform (Extra)

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Romset: 12416 kb / 14 files / 4.8 zip