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BMC Bowling

0.84 [David Haywood]


* Missing music

* Some wrong gfx


- The Game is almost playable, especially with NVRAM_HACK (undefine it to get real nvram access, but sometimes it's impossible to get back to title screen ).

- Press START(1) OR BUTTON1 to start game , also START(1) or BUTTON1 to bowl / start ( 5 to insert coin(s) , B to bet , D to pay out (?), etc...)


- Press ANALIZER(0) durning boot to enter test menu, then STOP1+STOP2 - sound test menu, BIG(G) - cycle options, DOUBLE(H) - play, STOP1(X),STOP2(C) - change, TAKE(A) - color test, START(1) - exit, BET(B)+START(1) - other tests and START(1) - next test

- Press START(1)+HP(S) durning boot to see stats.

- Press CONFIRM(N) durning boot, to enter settings: BET(B) - change page, STOP1(X)/STOP3(V) - modify, START(1)/SMALL(F) - move and KEY DOWN(D) - default ?


- 0.88: Tomasz Slanina fixed BMC Bowling - Game now playable. Changed 68000 CPU1 clock speed to 10738635 Hz, visible area to 280x232 and added AY-3-8910 (1789772 Hz) sound.

- 29th September 2004: Tomasz Slanina - Working on BMC Bowling. Not playable, yet...

- 22nd June 2004: David Haywood sent in a very preliminary driver for BMC Bowling, it doesn't work at all yet.

Category: Bowling

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Romset: 640 kb / 7 files / 230 zip