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Bloxeed (Japan, FD1094 317-0139)

0.37b9 [David Haywood, Aaron Giles]

0.36b2 [Andrew Prime]


* Wanted: 317-0140 EPM5032


- The Bloxeed (C System) clones uses different hardware and sound.


- 0.89u1: Added 317-0139.key, dipswitches 'Price Type', 'Demo Sounds', 'Difficulty' and 'High Speed Mode' and fixed rom filenames - Game now playable.

- 24th November 2004: Thierry Lescot - Dumped the cpus from D.D.Crew (Europe, 4 Player), Ryukyu and Bloxeed (system18, japan).

- 0.84u5: Fabrice Arzeno added clone Bloxeed (US, C System).

- 18th March 2004: Charles MacDonald fixed Z80 clock (8.192 Mhz -> 8.00 MHz).

- 0.37b10: Changed Z80 CPU2 clock speed to 8192000 Hz and replaced YM2151 sound with 2x YM3438 (8MHz) and RF5C68.

- 0.37b9: Added Bloxeed and clone Bloxeed (C System).

- 17th September 2000: David Haywood fixed some bugs in the Sega C2 driver so that Bloxeed, Borench, Poto Poto, Stack Columns and Zunzunkyou no Yabou now work.

- 0.36b2: Andrew Prime added Bloxeed (Sega 1990) (Testdriver).

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Category: Tetris

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Romset: 712 kb / 9 files / 175.7 zip