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Blades of Steel (version T)

0.36b11 [Manuel Abadia]

0.36b6 [Manuel Abadia]


- 0.59: Changed sound2 rom ($0) to sound1 ($80000).

- 29th December 1999: Manuel Abadia fixed a graphics bug in Blades of Steel.

- 28th December 1999: Manuel Abadia sent in a Konami update with K051733 working fully in Blades of Steel.

- 0.36b13: Manuel Abadia fixed protection in Blades of Steel.

- 27th December 1999: Manuel Abadia added the K051733 protection hacks to Blades of Steel and the game works a little bit better.

- 0.36b11: Manuel Abadia added Blades of Steel (version T). Added dipswitches 'Bonus time set' and 'Period time set'.

- 1st December 1999: Manuel Abadia added another Blades of Steel romset.

- 0.36b9: Changed M6809 CPU2 clock speed to 2MHz.

- 0.36b6: Manuel Abadia added Blades of Steel (Konami 1987). The game is not working properly because of protection (custom CPU/MCU Konami 051733). Wrong sprite colors. Missing samples. Second Trackball is not implemented yet.

- 27th September 1999: Manuel Abadia sent in a Blades of Steel driver but it doesn't really work because of the protection.


Category: Hockey

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Romset: 1377 kb / 7 files / 867 zip