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Birdie King

0.61 [MASH]

DIP/Input Bugs:

- "Crow" DSW has no effect, crow is always on. Update:I tested this further and even went back to .71 MAME for testing too. It appears the crow object is currently not accessable with any switch settings. Besides disabling the crow, the flight pattern is not changed either when playing Birdie King. I am guessing the bug has always existed since Birdie King was first emulated in the bking2.c driver. Compare this with Birdie King 2. The crow can be disabled and the flight pattern can also be altered. I am guessing there are only two flight patterns even though there are 4 listings. 1 & 3 share same flight pattern while 2 & 4 share same crow flight pattern. New findings and comparisons: For Birdie King dips settings, "year display" works, "number of holes" works. Another dip that does not work in Birdie King dip settings besides "disabling Crow", is "free play". I tested with both .81 and also back to .71 for comparing. Anyway, part of the dips for Birdie King do work while other dip settings are "non-functional". bking077gra BarnacleEd / gregf


- 0.62: Changed prom ($200) to user1 prom ($0) - Game now playable.

- 6th October 2002: Stefan Jokisch added collision detection to the Birdie King driver, making both Birdie King 1 and 2 fully playable.

- 15th May 2002: MASH added Birdie King to the Birdie King 2 driver.

Category: Golf

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Romset: 63 kb / 19 files / 27.6 zip